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Every year, 84,000 tonnes of apple pomace are produced by the Quebec ice cider and juice industry.

Quebec's abundant orchards guarantee an abundance of raw materials.

Our mission

Our mission is both noble and inspiring for future generations, to whom we wish to bequeath a healthy planet. Thanks to the innovative technology developed by our team, we are able to create a range of top-of-the-range leathers based on organic residues from Quebec’s agri-food industry.

Today, Flaura leathers offer an ethical and sustainable solution to the fashion and furnishing industries, which are keen to reduce their carbon footprint.

From the ground
to ground

Cycle de vie Flaura


Flaura’s mission is to offer a solution that is sustainable, ethical, biobased and timeless – free from plastic residues or petroleum products, unlike animal leathers, and vegan.


We firmly believe in the importance of consuming less, but better.
Our list of ingredients is traceable, and our sourcing is local and diversified.


We favor a circular economy. Our main ingredient, apple residue, comes from the apple-processing industry in Montérégie, a region in the heart of Quebec.


Our development strategy allows us to integrate many other natural residual materials, such as mushrooms, coffee grounds and grape residues.

Flaura celebrates the meeting of fashion designer Fannie Laroche’s creativity and Grégory Hersant’s passion for green chemistry.

The idea of manufacturing 100% natural, eco-friendly quality leather from plant materials was born in 2021, when we discovered that it was possible to recycle apple residues and transform them into a high-quality textile material that is supple, chic and timeless.

Fannie Laroche
President and co-founder

Fannie Laroche

Fannie Laroche has been passionate about fashion and design since a very young age. A graduate of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) in communications, she began her career in television production, working with several major brands.
In 2011, she founded a firm specializing in personal styling, which enables her to use her talents and experience to help her customers develop customized branding strategies and advise them on their clothing choices, based on their values and needs.

Throughout her career, Fannie has been interested in ethical and eco-responsible practices in the fashion industry, both at home and abroad. Vegan by conviction, she pays particular attention to her health and the environment.

In 2021, she founded Flaura with Grégory Hersant - with the mission of offering high-end biosourced vegetable leather, made from apple pomace residues from Quebec orchards.

The adventure is just beginning for Fannie... she has lots of ideas to propel the growth of her company while taking care to protect our planet.

Gregory Hersant
Chief Technology Officer and co-founder

Gregory Hersant

Grégory Hersant embodies Flaura's DNA. Its remarkable capacity for innovation and its passion for green chemistry, the circular economy and the recovery of residual materials guide its decisions and actions.

With a PhD in materials chemistry from the Université du Québec à Montréal, Grégory began his career as a researcher in the college environment. In 2008, he founded Consulchem, a firm specializing in green and industrial chemistry.

His work has led him to take an interest in the recovery of residual and organic materials, and to develop more environmentally-friendly applications for industrial products.

In 2021, he meets Fannie, whose project is perfectly in line with the guiding principles of his career.
And the rest is history!

"We're proud to be pioneers in America in this rapidly changing world."

Fannie et Grégory