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The science
and innovation behind Flaura

Flaura leather is made from a combination of apple powder and inputs of renewable origin.

The development and manufacturing process was carried out in collaboration with the R&D team at Groupe CTT, a technology transfer center specializing in technical textiles and advanced materials.

Several tests have been carried out to certify, among other things, the leather’s resistance to stretching, abrasion, UV rays, cold and heat, as well as its water resistance.

In the light of the results, Flaura leather demonstrates equal or superior quality and durability to animal and vegan leathers.

Renewable and biobased content

Short circuits

The manufacturing process is based on patent-pending short circuits that do not require the addition of water.

Sustained, local sourcing

Flaura boasts a solid, stable North American industrial production network, enabling it to ensure a steady supply to its customers.

Organic dyes and colorants

Priority is given to organic dyes and colorants. If necessary, an action plan is put in place to replace synthetic products.

Low environmental impact

Flaura leathers are free from plastic and petroleum products and are biodegradable over the long term. Flaura prioritizes bio-based fabrics with low environmental impact.

Flaura plant-based leather offers an eco-responsible option for the fashion and furnishings sectors, which are keen to reduce their carbon footprint. The current color palette includes classic basics such as black and brown. The range of colors will become more varied each year.

Various textures and weaves are available.

Technical information

Depending on the application, Flaura offers several thicknesses of leather to meet the needs of its customers: great flexibility for garment manufacture and superior strength for the furniture sector.

The price of Flaura leather is similar to that of good quality animal leather.

Leather is sold by the meter. Width: 1.65 meters (woven) and up to 3 meters (leather)

Minimum order :
50 meters
Delivery time :
2 to 3 weeks

Markets and

Special collaborations

The Flaura team is interested in collaborating with designers, fabricators and manufacturers to develop high-quality, sustainable products that will enable them to reduce their ecological footprint. If you like the idea and are inspired, write to us – we want to hear from you!

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